Procedures for men, women and pairs

You like procedures in baths or you love massages, but you don´t have many occasions to try that? If you would like to try something new from this area, you definitely should come to Prague, where is perfect salon. You can try erotic massage prague in this salon and it will be definitely original. It is not classic procedure, it is clear from attribution. There are relaxation procedures with erotic elements, but don´t be afraid. If you know tantra, you can have clear imagination. There are professional experts, who graduated lots of courses, so they very well know how to help to your tired body. There is not allowed any sexual contact.

Enjoy your relaxation for maximum

You can simply come and enjoy your time, your special relaxation. We know that it is nothing that you will avail every day. It is also reason, why we prepare for you specialties. You can book classic procedure, but then you can add also something special – for example Lap Dance, FootJob or something like that. It will be in the end of your procedure, probably about ten minutes and we are sure that you will like that. There you can pass unforgettable pleasure, special feelings and passion.